FUN:) HCCA Project

From 2016 the new GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition curriculum is taught in UK schools with emphasis on developing an understanding of nutrition, food provenance and working characteristics of food. FUN:) HEALTHY CHINESE CUISINE AMBASSADORS project complements this new curriculum international cuisine section and aims to equip young students and the teachers with knowledge on Chinese food culture, the Chinese take on nutrition and healthy eating as well as relevant practical preparation and cooking skills.

FUN:) HCCA commenced the 2015-16 Academic Year and is a 5-year project with objective to reach out to 280 schools across the UK and conduct over 40 CPD Teachers Training Workshop & Competitions. Besides student and teacher workshops, the project continuously develops lesson plans for the use for teachers in classrooms or for self-learning students as well as video materials with recipe and food preparation skills. Click here to sign up for the access to teaching materials. In spring 2018, The Ming-Ai (London) Institute was awarded the Golden Chopsticks Community Award for the work of FUN:) HCCA. 

The aims of the FUN:) initiative are to:

Train up Ambassadors of FUN:) to be equipped with valuable knowledge and practical Chinese cooking skills

Demonstrate how easy to make, healthy and delicious home-made Chinese food can be - and it takes less time than ordering a takeaway!  

Actively encourage students and teachers to experiment with Chinese cooking and discover the diversity and distinctiveness of Chinese food from different regions.

In Britain you would  greet friends with "Hello", “Hi” or “Hey”, equivalent of Chinese nǐhǎo你好.

However, the traditional Chinese greeting is: "Have you eaten rice yet?" - Nǐ chīfànle méi? 你吃飯了沒?/你吃饭了没?

Rice is the staple food for Chinese all over the world and inspiration for the FUN:) HCCA project. The main logo is the Chinese character for 'Rice' fàn 飯/饭.  The Chinese pronunciation of the word sounds like ‘FUN’ - hence the play on both the Chinese and English languages.  

In the bottom part of the logo, the first two characters are 開飯! Kāifàn! Which literally means "Open the rice!" but is actually an invitation to start eating and similar to enjoy or bon appétit!

Chinese cuisine is fun to prepare, easy to cook and delicious to eat. We show the students and school teachers how to make healthy and tasty Chinese food while empowering them to be the FUN:) HEALTHY CHINESE CUISINE AMBASSADORS and spread the word to their family and friends.