1. HOW CAN I invitE the FUN HCCA TEAM to my school for A Student Workshop?

Please fill in the Student Demo Application Form in as great detail as possible. State your preferred dates for the visit and flexibility, the student group sizes, the chosen recipe, list the available kitchen equipment, etc. All information you can provide will be helpful in starting arrangements for the FUN day. If you have any questions prior to making an application, email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Ming-Ai (London) Institute, tel: +44 (0)20 83617161. Once we have received your application, you will receive a reply via email and we will make further arrangements. Student workshops are usually carried out by a team of two team members.

2. What is the format of Student Workshops?

The FUN HCCA  Ambassadors take over the food class under the teachers' supervision. 1.5-2hrs are required per session, so a teacher may sometimes need to arrange double sessions or take the participating students off timetable. The standard workshop begins with a 15-20 min presentation on Chinese food culture, followed by a 15-20 min cooking demo of a stirfry dish selected by the teacher, after which the students will be able to try cooking the dish themselves in the practical part. At the host teacher's discretion, after the students finish, we end the session with a judging and feedback session, giving a prize for the best dish. If the school timetable permits, several consecutive sessions with different groups of students can be arranged. 

3. What dishes will you demonstrate? Do you bring along all the ingredients?

We offer the teacher a choice of one of three dishes: Black Bean Garlic Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken and Hoisin Chicken with Crunchy Vegetables.  All recipes follow a simple formula for a balanced Chinese dish using vegetables, meat (or alternative protein) and Chinese cooking sauces. Our team will provide the Chinese sauces but the school is responsible for arranging all the other ingredients for the students and an extra portion for the demo. If there are vegetarians in the class, we suggest they use firm tofu or Quorn chicken fillets in place of the meat. We prefer students to cook without a paper recipe.We can also offer the option to level up the skill component of the session by swapping chicken breast fillet for chicken thighs/legs, allowing the demo to feature the de-boning skill. The teacher may also wish to provide spring onion/fresh coriander as a optional, but highly recommended garnish. The stir-fry dish can be easily made into a balanced meal if served with rice or fresh noodles.

4. Do schools need to prepare anything else before the visit?

Prior to the visit, FUN HCCA will send over the Photo/Video Consent form. Photo consent needs to be gathered internally in line with school policy and returned signed to a team member on the day. If the consent is conditional or some students have not given consent, these conditions must be marked on the form and the teacher must be brief the team on the day. The students who do not give consent must be identified for the team so they can make sure not to feature them photos/videos. In advance, we will provide schools with digital copies of the Student Demo Feedback Forms with both a student and teacher version. The Feedback Form will be filled in at the end of the session for our reference. On very rare occasions, the team may also require a parking spot.

5. What are the main allergens in the sauces?

There are no dairy ingredients in the sauces, but almost all sauces contain gluten, wheat, soya and sesame. The oyster sauce contains seafood.  

6. Where are you based? Our school is in the North, can FUN come that far?

FUN HCCA is based in Ming-Ai (London) Institute in north London. The team regularly carries out visits to schools outside London if the school makes special arrangements. For all schools outside London, two or more consecutive sessions with different student groups must to be arranged, in order to make most of the day and travel. We also ask that teachers check with the school Senior Leadership if the school has the budget to (partially or fully) cover the team’s travel to the school. Usually, public transport is used, which can be quite costly, thus any contribution can help to keep FUN HCCA going. If the location of the school very far from London and the travel time and cost are large, HCCA will consider visiting the school only if other special arrangements are in place, for example two consecutive days of student workshops or if the trip can be used to visit several schools in the area.  

7. Why is photography/video consent required?

The team would like to take photos and videos of all the students wokking away for FUN HCCA project record, archive and for publicity uses. After the event, some photos may be uploaded to project’s Instagram page, and a photo album of the visit will be uploaded to our Facebook and website. The link to the album will be shared with the teacher. If the school policy does not allow this or if certain students do not provide consent, this is not a problem, but for our project records, we would still like to take a photo of your school building, of our staff presenting, and the food that the students have cooked. If at all possible, the team would also like to take unidentifiable photos of students’ hands when cooking. Sometimes schools have been able to make an exception for this special event and gather full consent.

8. Are there any costs involved?

The workshops are free and we will provide the Chinese cooking sauces. The school is responsible for providing all fresh ingredients (chicken, vegetables etc) for the participating students along with an extra portion for the FUN demonstration (per session). For schools outside London, we also ask if at all possible the schools contribute (fully or partially) towards our travel costs.

9. Can you come to our school TWICE iN AN ACADEMIC YEAR?

Keeping up good relationships with schools we have visited previously is very important to us. We would be delighted to schedule another visit in the next academic year.

10. is your workshop suitable for students WiTH special educational needs?

We have visited several schools for students with special educational needs in the past years. We are able to adapt the presentation length or the structure of the class to the teachers’ preference. We do not have specific training to work at special needs schools but our previous visits have been very successful thanks to the support and help of staff throughout the sessions.

11. Are you DBS checked? Do you have food hygiene certificates?

None of the current team members hold a DBS certificate, but this has never been an issue for any of the schools in the past, since school teachers and technicians are present throughout the workshop to supervise us. All core members of the FUN team all possess Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering certificates.

12. Your Healthy Chinese Cuisine Ambassadors have been to my school and our students LOVED IT. Is there anything I can do for the project?

Thank you! We always appreciate any feedback and constructive comments on how to improve. We highly encourage teachers to spread the word about the FUN HCCA project in their professional network and direct other teachers the to our website/email so they can invite us over too. You can also make use of our online teaching and learning materials, which include Lesson Plans and Skills Videos. All food teachers and technicians are welcome to join one of our free CPD Teacher Training Workshops to hone their Chinese cooking skills and gain confidence. There may even be a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong and China next summer!

13. Can I have a copy of your PowerPoint Presentation?

Due to copyright protection concerns, we are not able to share our PowerPoint with you. However, there are various ways you can access different teaching and learning materials developed by the FUN HCCA, all free to use. To enable new healthy Chinese cuisine Teacher Ambassadors, the project carries out free CPD Teacher Training sessions. Join to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to carry out Chinese cooking classes with your students yourself. Our online teaching and learning materials feature Chinese recipes based Lesson Plans designed for food teachers and self-learning students that you are welcome to download and use in your classes. There are also dozens of Chinese food preparation and cooking Skills Videos in our Youtube Channel. Short and snappy, they are designed for students as visual learning materials.