Teachers' Resources

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Teachers' Resources

Over the years the Fun:) project team and Lee Kum Kee (Europe) have amassed a wealth of information and knowledge about Chinese cuisine. There are countless types and variations of Chinese cuisine which are healthy and nutritious.

This section presents information and resources that would be beneficial to your school and even your family and friends. Subjects will cover new and well-loved recipes, cooking styles and preparation, ingredients and up-to-date news and links to recommended resources.

Fun Clock

Fun Clock

My Cooking Diary

My Cooking Diary

Lesson Plans

Ants Climbing A Tree

Braised Chicken Potatoes (New)

Broccoli & Beef in Oyster Sauce

Buddha’s Delight

Char Siu

Classic Black Bean Chicken

Coloured Fried Rice

Cucumber & Tomato Salad (New)

Dry-fried Green Beans with Mince (New)

Kung Pao Chicken

MaPo Tofu

Rice Noodle Soup

Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Salad In Sichuan Vinaigrette

Shao Mai

Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Salad in Sichuan Vinaigrette

Spicy Chicken & Vegetables Stir-fry Noodles (New)

Steamed Chicken with Mushrooms

Stir Fry Beef with Asparagus (New)

Stir Fry Chicken with Celery (New)

Stir Fried Noodles

XO Supreme Lettuce Parcels

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Teaching Materials

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Over the years the Fun:) project team and Lee Kum Kee (Europe) have amassed a wealth of information and knowledge about Chinese cuisine. There are countless types and variations of Chinese cuisine which are healthy and nutritious. This section presents information and resources that would be beneficial to your school and even your family and friends. Subjects will cover new and well-loved recipes, cooking styles and preparation, ingredients and up-to-date news and links to recommended resources. Information on some of our best-loved Chinese dishes in the UK is listed here for your viewing pleasure. Register to access more healthy Chinese cuisine to share with your students, families and friends. Fun:) are offering all teachers, especially Food Technology teachers and assistants, the opportunity to learn and update your knowledge about Chinese cuisine as well as understanding more about the history of the particular dish.

Lesson Plan

Cucumber and Tomato Salad with Chinese Dressing Dry-Fried Green Beans with Mince Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken & Vegetable Noodles Stir-Fried Chicken with Celery

Log in to gain access to all the teaching materials, including more LESSON PLANS and ACTIVITY SHEETS. Besides the above public Lesson Plans, the library includes many more built around different skills and recipes, such as: "Ants Climbing a Tree", "Braised Chicken & Potatoes", "Buddha's Delight", "Char Siu", "Kung Pao Chicken", "Mapo Tofu", "Shao Mai", Stir-fried Beef & Asparagus", Dry-fried Green Beans" and more. Complement with our short & sweet Chinese cookery SKILLS VIDEOS - from de-boning chicken thighs to making making Classic Chinese Dumplings or the Cantonese Style Seabass. The FUN:) Team actively works to diversify the teaching materials and to add new Lesson Plans.   

To access this FREE service please register your details below or LOGIN here.

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Teacher Training Workshops

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Teacher Training Workshops

COVID-19 Information and Update for Teacher Training Workshops: Please double check your availability before registering. Places are limited as we are unable to accommodate the full occupancy of the kitchen / food room due to social distancing measures. We have implemented extra measures to ensure the safety of everyone. Our team will carry out extra hygiene practice as well as wearing protective face covering throughout the workshop. We will also ask you to wear a face covering during the session, you could bring your own, or we are able to provide you with one as well. Should you require further information on how we will be running the workshop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

FUN HCCA has been hosting free CPD Teacher Training Workshops since 2016 in partnership with Lee Kum Kee. Workshops take place in host schools across the country and generally take place 11am-4pm on a Saturday. The itinerary includes a morning presentation on Chinese regional cuisine and uses of sauces particular to Chinese cooking methods, followed by a demonstration of five popular dishes. In the afternoon, teachers cook two dishes in a practical session. This has a competitive element and gives all attendees the chance to secure a place in our annual Grand Final to compete for a dream trip to Hong Kong in the summer! (subject to travel restrictions, Terms and Conditions apply) Register below, or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register interest in future sessions.  *The event is free. Since the FUN HCCA project supplies ingredients and equipment, when registering please do be mindful that no-shows and late cancellations mean wasted costs for our non-profit project. The sessions are always heavily oversubscribed, which means another teacher will miss out! So please double check your availability upon registration. Thank you!

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Teachers Comments

"This is to thank you for a really enjoyable and educational event yesterday. The students thoroughly enjoyed the program, the presentation and the demonstration, not to mention the cooking and eating bit. The trainers were very good and the students had a good question answer session with them. I hope you have something for teachers too in the new year. I would love to attend if it is on Saturdays or Mondays as it is difficult to take time off work. Many thanks once again for the lovely program. Regards."

"I'd like like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the time and effort taken to run last Friday's workshop. It was very well planned, all staff were welcoming and helpful and I'm genuinely inspired by the session. Jeremy Pang was especially brilliant and I can't believe the skills I learnt in such a short space of time. I liked the mix of CDP in the morning followed by the more intense competition in the afternoon. I've never been in a real life Masterchef style event so it was great to experience the pressure I regularly put my students under. Many thanks”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Friday. I had a lovely, enjoyable and educational day. You were all so welcoming, informative and helpful and it was a truly memorable day. If there any photos or updates from the day I would love to see them and I hope the 3 well deserved winners in the afternoon enjoy the experience. Kind regards.”

“Just to say thank you so much for organising the course on Friday – it was lovely to meet you and the staff at Ming-Ai and I found the day very helpful and inspiring. You had obviously put in a lot of hard work into planning the event and I am sure I am not the only member of the group who thought that it had been excellent. I am looking forward to the Ming-Ai visit to St Mary’s on 23 June. I thought that the day with you was excellent and can honestly not recommend any improvement. With the new Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE starting in September it would be extremely useful to have information directly related to new qualifications as Chinese cooking can be an important part of this – but I assume that is going to happen anyway in the next couple of months. Also relating the information to the eatwell plate rather than the pyramid would be more relevant at KS3. Kind regards.”

“The TTW and competition on Friday 20th May was slickly organised and the communication running up to the event was excellent. The day ran to exactly as it was planned and was a huge success. The presentations were both informative and interesting and covered all areas of Chinese food and LKK. The cooking demo was very clear highlighting high level manufacturing skills in relation to Chinese food. Being able to work on a wok burner is an experience everyone should have at least once. The experience shows simply how food can be cooked so quickly, keeping in all the flavour, texture and nutrition and is really good fun. Cooking in the competition was good experience, having to cook under pressure and tying to produce restaurant quality food was challenging but at the end of the day it was a competition. The dish I cooked was an anglicised version of a traditional Chinese dish (Hot and Spicy hot pot) and it gave me the opportunity to use lots of the products that LKK produce and they provided on the day. I was really proud of my dish and that I managed to complete all its elements and the chefs challenge dish successfully in under 2 hours. I would recommend the day to all food teachers and any teacher that has an interest in food. Thank you all at Ming-Ai and Lee Kum Kee for a fantastic day!”

“Fantastic. Pupils loved it, were quiet at first but enjoyed the practical and came alive.”

“I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for the splendid demonstration and talk on Chinese culture and cuisine held here last week. I think that it was evident from their reactions that our Year 10 boys enjoyed the whole experience, especially the cooking and certainly the taste testing afterwards.”

“I have been to your training session and really enjoyed it.”

“A very useful session with plenty of helpful advice for students.”

“I enjoyed learning about the background of Chinese cookery and it widen my knowledge of Chinese cuisine. The organisers were very helpful, answering all the questions I had and engaged the students very well.”

“It was very organised. Presenters were very knowledgeable and were well-informed. They spoke with confidence. The chef was also really good …”

“Very well organised and excellent communication with the school. Brilliant and would love them to come in again.”

“This was a great experience and I would be most grateful to work with the team again.”

“The presentation and the demonstration were very well conducted.”

“I would love to have another session. I thought it was amazing and the students loved it.”

“Very good experience for students to learn about Chinese cooking.”

“The students were very positive about the workshop and I felt it really did extend their knowledge about Chinese cookery. Hopefully they won’t just choose to have a takeaway, rather, they might choose to cook dishes themselves.”

"The students at Woodford County really enjoyed the session and commented on how well it was all organised and run. They particularly enjoyed the demonstration and the making of their dish, which they all found tasty. Thank you again for organising this and coming in to work with our students. Hope to have a session like this in the future."

Students Comments

“The best thing about today was that I learnt about the different sauces.”

“It was informative and fun.”

“It was fun, positive and educational.”

“I’ve learnt about the different sauces.”

“It was fun and informative.”

“What I liked about this lesson is the wide variety of foods in the Chinese culture.”

“The different tips and tricks the chef gave ... knowing when the wok is hot enough etc because they are useful tips.”

“I learnt a lot about the history of the food and the sauces.”

“Learning about the steps and preparation so I know in future how to cook Chinese food well.”

“I liked learning about the different types of Chinese food in different regions.”

“I learned about a lot of different sauces such as oyster, hoisin and chilli bean sauce.”

“It was clear, fun and new.”

“It was inspirational. It made me want to be chef.”

"The people were nice and it was really factual. I am going to take away the skills learnt and cook it more myself. It was a new way of cooking and I enjoyed it."

"It was fun - I loved cooking this food."

"I enjoyed how to cook the chicken, and how to de-bone it, the results were good and the lesson was fun."

"I enjoyed that we were very involved in the session. I enjoyed when she was telling us about the sauces and what they included."

"I enjoyed the in depth introductions and helpful people."

"I enjoyed how they coordinated the vegetable with the chicken and how they were the same size."

"I enjoyed trying to make a new food that I can now cook on my own. I also enjoyed learning that the Chinese made ketchup."

"I liked that we were able to edit the recipe to suit us and that there was some competition."

"I enjoyed trying to make the dishes and learning about the different places in China that dishes come from."

"I enjoyed that the people were really nice and they helped us in detail with what Chinese cuisine is all about."

"I enjoyed making and presenting the stir fry."

"I enjoyed that we were taught everything properly so we knew what to do."

"I enjoyed the information about the symbolic side of foods."

"I enjoyed the way we made our chicken because at home I do it differently."

"I enjoyed making and eating something new."

"The instructions were easy to follow."

"I enjoyed everything together. [Enjoyed best] Cooking like a chef."

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