FUN HCCA Project Directors

Chungwen Li, Dean of Ming-Ai (London) Institute

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Sesame Oil

Spirit Dim Sum: Cheung Fun, steamed or pan fried

Maria Chong, Managing Director of Lee Kum Kee (Europe) Ltd.

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Premium Oyster Sauce & Chiu Chow Chilli Oil

Spirit Dim Sum: Chiu Chow Dumplings & Sweet Black Sesame Roll


Milline Low, FUN HCCA Project Manager

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Chilli Bean Sauce

Spirit Dim Sum: Char Siu Bao 


Carrie Lee, FUN HCCA Coordinator

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Premium Oyster Sauce - "My life-time favourite is Premium Oyster Sauce as it always reminds me the taste of home."

Spirit Dim Sum: Siu Mai - "I love Siu Mai (pork dumpling) so much as it goes too well with sweet soy sauce and Chiu Chow Chilli Oil. Yum Yum!”

Belinda Yip, FUN HCCA Lead Trainer

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Sweet Soy Sauce with Chiu Chow Chilli Oil (perfect balance with extra kick!)

Spirit Dim Sum: Dumplings - "Life is like a dumpling! You never know what you get unless you make it."

Charlotte Chan, FUN HCCA Project Officer

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Sesame Oil & Satay Sauce

Spirit Dim Sum: Har Gao

Audris Pun, FUN HCCA Project Officer

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: XO Sauce

Spirit Dim Sum: 豆苗餃 (dòu miáo jiǎo). Similar to Har Gao, but with added greens in them!

FUN Chef Ambassadors (alphabetical order)

Kam Po But, Former Executive Chef of Memories of China Restaurant

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Garlic Sauce ( with all its ingredients)

Spirit Dim Sum: Shrimp Filled Courgette Boats (and I know how to make them real good!)

Jason Li, Assistant Director of Sales at Asia Market The Ritz London

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Redbraising Sauce, Star Anise & Cinnamon Stick

Spirit Dim Sum: DongPo Pork Belly (though it's not really a dim sum laughing)

Jeremy Pang, Founder of School of Wok

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Wok

Spirit Dim Sum : Pineapple Bun

Ken Wang, Partner & Group Culinary Development of JRC Global Buffet Wembley

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Sichuan Peppercorn Oil

Spirit Dim Sum: Chao Shou in a chilli-garlic dressing (it's just the best)

Andrew Wong, Owner and Head Chef of Michelin-starred Restaurant A.Wong

Favourite Chinese Ingredient: Dumpling Vinegar

Spirit Dim Sum: Shanghai Soup Dumpling ( like me, it's unnecessarily complicated!)